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SuperDek strengthSuperDek is a patented composite sandwich panel with superior structural strength and flexural modulus. It was originally developed to replace wood flooring used for truck bed and buses. After its successful entry in the automotive industry, other applications have also been tested and found to outperform wood counterparts. Utilizing an exclusive co-extrusion technology, SuperDek composite is continuously formed by combining a low-density thermoplastic foam core, sandwiched with two layers of continuous glass fiber sheeting and capped with a fire and UV resistant hard surface.

The result is a strong, lightweight, perfectly straight and high SuperDek used in truck beds and wallsperformance SuperDek that is durable and capable in terms of weatherability, flammability and machinability.

SuperDek is also user-friendly with a tongue-and-groove design feature. It is suitable for applications such as drop in floor panels for truck-bed; slate gate; decking; porch and stoop ceiling; siding and fencing; concrete forming panel; yacht interior or exterior decking and paneling; etc. You will find many other applications where flexural strength and lightweight are important to you. SuperDek is pre-finished with colored surface. It never needs painting or may be painted to any desired colors. SuperDek will not rot, split, delaminate or absorb moisture. Therefore, its life span will be many times more than wood counterparts.

Technical Data Comparison

Properties SuperDek Composite

Natural Woods

MDF Cedar Pine Plywood
Density (g/cm3) 0.75 0.8 0.6 0.5 0.6
Water Absorption(%) 1.8 11 40 50 16
Hardness 85 80


50 60

Flexural Strength (kg. f/cm2)

500 ~ 800 650


631 400
Flexural Modulus (kg. f/cm2)












SuperDek Available Sizes

Description Actual Width Dimension A (+/- 0.015) Dimension B (+/- 0.015) Feature
6" Plank 6 1/8" 6.113 0.710 Tongue and Groove
12" Plank 11 3/4" 11.75 0.710 Tongue and Groove
6" Slat 5 1/8" 5.125 0.625 Flat panel, no T&G
       * all available in 12' and 16' lengths

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