SuperDek Application Guidelines

SuperDek used in truckbedsInstalls like wood, lasts for years.
composite is intended to replace wood for structural applications. It can be fastened directly to structural members, or other framing members just like wood.
Re-useable, cut down the waste.
composite is durable and has a surface hardness  comparable with natural hardwoods. You can brush it clean and wash it with soap and water. Patch holes with silicone or acrylic latex caulking material. Epoxy glue can be used for abrasive resistant patching. Paint it any color you choose. Power tools should not be used to sand the surface, as damage to the protective capping layer may occur.

Recycles like plastics; it is the “green” choice.
is Glass Fiber Reinforced, High Impact Polystyrene composite and is completely recyclable. Moreover, SuperDek can help reduce the need for apitong wood in the truck decking industry. Apitong is a Southeast Asian rainforest wood resource which is often illegally and unsustainably logged.

Cuts, drills and fastens like wood.
Saw cutting
: We recommend using woodworking power saw with vacuuming bag. Saw dust may contains glass fiber therefore may be harmful if inhaled.

Drilling: Just like wood. No special drills or tools are needed.

Fastening: Use nails or screws depending on your application. For long lasting fastening, use screws, nuts and washers if possible. Joist spacing of supporting members is similar to wood applications.

Painting is optional.
comes with smooth, yet paintable surface which does not require further field finishing. The slightly porous surface allows paint to penetrate for a long lasting finish.

Operating temperature range.
Like other polymer-based composite materials, SuperDek performs optimally at certain temperatures. For maximum performance under normal use, an operating temperature range of 0 to140 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended.

Chemical resistance.
If your application involves unusual exposure or a severe chemical environment, test samples or prototypes should be fabricated, exposed to the actual materials and conditions of use, and then evaluated before full production. Consult your SuperDek distributor for further information and recommendations.


SuperDek Advantages Over Wood:

  SuperDek Composite Natural Wood
Resources: recyclable becoming increasingly scarce
Moisture Resistance: excellent; will not rot poor; easily rots
Weatherability: will not warp or split easily warps and splits
Maintenance: not required higher costs
Surface Finish: built-in color and smoothness requires finishing and painting
Quality: stable unstable
Price: stable unstable
Weight: light heavy


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